Monday, April 22, 2013

It is April 12th and we are ready for our Open House.

Mayor Badeway joined us at 11 o'clock and presented us with a plaque of our grand opening.  We did open 1 year ago but this is the opening for the 60 other crafters who have joined us in making this adventure a success.  So this definately was a grand opening.

I personally want to thank all the crafters who joined us for the day and all who could not make it but I am sure were thinking about us.

I tried very hard not to get faces but you will know who you are and anything can be changed or deleted  but a bit THANK-YOU TO YOU  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

It was a very successful day and a big thank-you to all the customers who braved the pouring rain to come in to see us.

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